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Life Transitions and the Tide of Change

Support, Recovery, Growth. 

Nicola has experience supporting individuals through various major life transitions and adjustments including relocation, returning-to-work, adjustment to parenthood, perinatal support, relationship separation, chronic illness, changing careers, moving schools, or simply a desire to move into a new chapter of life with a growth mindset.  A thorough assessment is completed with a stepped care plan to support clients in their recovery and wellness journey.​​ 

Nicola has a special interest in perinatal mental health and prior to the establishment of Stepped Care Counselling, Nicola worked with Blackbird Counselling in Caloundra within this specialisation. 




The beauty and excitement of parenthood is also vulnerable to challenging periods which can impact on our mental health, as we transition into a new phase of life with a family.

Let Stepped Care Counselling support you in a nurturing and calming space to unpack, recover, grow and evolve. We are here to listen and help you to feel heard, grounded and supported every step of the way. 

Nicola has experience in providing therapeutic and evidence-based support to address the following presentations:

- Pregnancy related support

- Birth trauma

- Adjustment to parenthood

- Delayed attachment

- Parenting support 
- Post natal anxiety and depression

- Sleep deprivation stressors

- Loss of self or lowered self esteem

- Body related concerns following pregnancy

- Return to work

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